Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seacoast Shores Association, Inc. (“SSAI”)?

SSAI was created to support the community now known as Seacoast Shores which was begun as a planned community shortly have World War I in the late 1940’s early 1950’s.   The nearly two-mile-long peninsula community began to be developed shortly after the war ended and the US Army no longer used Seacoast as a base camp to conduct Amphibious Warfare training on Washburn Island and the surrounding area.   Since this new community of nearly 1000 homes would include common assets including Beaches, Rights of Way, a Front Entrance and a Clubhouse property, SSAI was created to manage, maintain and administer the services to support these assets on behalf of its residents.  

What are Maintenance Fees?

Seacoast Shores is a community where all residents benefit from the many common assets and resources shared by all who live here.  Supporting SSAI is supporting your neighborhood and its common assets.  SSAI is directly responsible for the maintenance, repair and administration of the community’s common assets. The Annual Maintenance Fees enable SSAI to pay for the upkeep of these common assets enjoyed by all Seacoast Shores residents who are considered Association Members once the Annual Maintenance Fees are paid.  Homeowners have both the explicit legal deeded rights to use these common assets and of course the legal obligation to pay for the maintenance and repair of them.   The Association is chartered to determine the amount of the Annual Maintenance Fees.  SSAI has always been managed by a dedicated, hardworking volunteer elected Board and supported by volunteers passionate about the community VISION “To Be the Most Family Friendly Community on Cape Cod”.  

What specifically do the Maintenance Fees cover?

Every year the SSAI collects Maintenance Fees from residents to help pay for the services and upkeep it provides. While many of these benefits are not visible on a day-to-day basis, behind the scenes, the Board and other volunteers are working year-round to ensure we can continue to maintain a pleasant and safe neighborhood. The list below highlights where the money from the fees is allocated and while we recognize that you may not use every service that SSAI provides; the maintenance fees help pay for all the services. Your annual SSAI Maintenance Fees of $300 helps make the following possible: 1.     Annual Mailer: Paper, printing and postage of the SSAI annual mailer.
2.     Police Detail: Random 4 and 8 hour police patrols year-round for safety which has transformed Seacoast from having one of the highest crime rates in Falmouth to one of the lowest.
3.     SSAI Website: Informative and continuously updated and maintained website containing the latest current events and historical archives:
4.     Entrance Landscaping: Seacoast Shores Boulevard entrance landscaping which is a four-time recipient of “Continuing Excellence Award” as recognition for beautifying and maintaining the front entrance by the Falmouth Beautification Council.
5.     Grass Mowing: Mowing the grass along Seacoast Shores Blvd, Front Entrance, and Farview Lane parking area.
6.     SSAI Beach Maintenance: Maintaining the beach at Bayside including beach safety buoys, trash removal, water quality testing, signs, property tax and insurance. In addition, along with private donations, the beach has undergone major re-nourishments in 2005 and 2014.
7.     SSAI owned ROWs: The Right of Ways (ROWs) are a treasure of the community but require annual taxes to be paid and ongoing maintenance. This includes signs, clean-up costs, re- nourishment of some of the most significantly eroded ROWs and dinghy/kayak racks to help conform to the Wetlands Protection Act enforced by the Conservation Commission.
8.     Part-time Bookkeeper: The part-time bookkeeper maintains the SSAI member’s records and supports monthly postings of Financials to the SSAI website for all members.
9.     Children’s Activities: The SSAI is committed to providing children’s activities at the Clubhouse for kids to mingle and get to know each other to enhance the sense of community.
10.  T, I, U, M expenses: The dues helps pay for a portion of the taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance for the association properties. .
11.  Annual Scholarship: Every year the SSAI provides an annual scholarship of $1000 for the Jack Way Memorial Scholarship Fund education-based financial aid to a deserving SSAI student.  

How do I benefit from SSAI?

In addition to the benefits noted above, you receive the following added benefits…
1.     Voting Rights: Voting Rights at SSAI annual meetings.
2.     Dinghy/Kayak Storage: Registered dinghy storage on any one of the 14 SSAI owned ROW’s.
3.     Social Events: SSAI social activities including Welcome Back, Annual Cookout BBQ, Lobster Bake, Bingo, Movies and more.
4.     Local Business Discounts: Eligible for special discounts at many local businesses for SSAI members.
5.     Local Representation: A SSAI Board member represents you as a Town liaison to attend meetings concerning your community (road pavements, gas line installs, DPW drainage, etc.).
6.     Clubhouse Utilization: Clubhouse rentals and access to clubhouse dining May, June, September and October in addition to the Lobster bake, Annual Meeting BBQ, Welcome Back, Kids’ Bingo and Movies.

How to Pay Your Annual Maintenance Fees ($300):

  1. Credit Card or ACH payment: The SSAI website:
    a. Go to
    b. On the top toolbar, hover over the “Membership” tab, then hover over “On-Line Payments”.
    c. Click on “Annual Association Dues Payment”.
    d. Complete the secure online form.

  2. Mail your check of $300 to the following address: SSAI PO Box 768 East Falmouth, MA 02536

Thank you! Seacoast Shores Association, Inc.